Currently I have been using the 3d renderer software POVRAY which you can see in the site as it is the background. These graphics are being made for League of Piss II, and I think that they look pretty nice.

I originally started with ray tracing with the "ray tracing in a weekend" book and I was very impressed with the more physically based looks that povray does not acheive so well as the one you get from the book or which blender cycles and probably others acheive.

One thing that is very fantastic though about povray is the scene description language. The complexity and manual work of building a whole scene in blender is extremely taxing to me. With povray all of this pain is removed. Of course it introduces it's own difficulties but they are much more minor, and they are difficulties which I am ready to pin down and kill with planning rather than that must be chased around like some kind of rat which is alive and climbing around and biting.

I intend never to open Blender again for so long as I live. It is shit.

Anyway, so like I have said, POVRAY does lack somewhat for beauty as far as ray traced imagery goes, but it makes up for this with it's quite impressive speed. So if I am going to replace it then I would want something just as fast.

Botnet Time

My eventual plan is to create a whole Dany Burton Original ray traced renderer by the name of CRayFish, and this ray tracer will be implemented in Javascript. Obviously Javascript is not the fasted language in the world, but it runs on the web, and so instead of rendering graphics on my own computer, I will use visitors to my website as a botnet to render my graphics for me.

Each visitor will render a single non anti aliased but jittered frame which will then be sent to another server and collected. If a malicious user sends junk then I will just delete that frame file as I will keep them seperate for that purpose. We can then average all of these frame files together and get the anti aliased image.

Since each user is only rendering a single frame the amount of time taken should not be too extreme, and we can even get a user rendering many frames if they have time. I can say from experience that I reckon one frame in javascript should take about 20 seconds if there is no anti aliasing.

The other nice thing is that the level of anti aliasing can vary to fit the amount of data that we have available.


That is Pretty cool but I am not going to do any of this stuff any time soon. League of Piss II will definitely be rendered with POVRAY, and I am quite happy with the results. This is mostly just a description of my botnet rendering idea.

Also, I am going to need to get a hell of a lot more visitors to my site before I can acheive this, so maybe I will have to wait until Ninja says the n word while streaming League of Piss II and I am catapulted into the TV.