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Purple Hat Man:Official Book of the Film

Chapter One:The First Chapter

purple hat man is sitting in his castle and It is called purple castle you see, and that is also his name is purple hat man. he porobably has real name too but I dunno. ZIP!!!!!!! and then the sound of the alarm because the skeletons from the club association have detected that there is some intruders that are coming to ensare him and there are coming to do that because he has the magic club!!!! of the club association !!!!!!!!!!!!! and also because he is a electric wizard so with these two things he is very spooky to them.
so these intruders come from the c company and their CEO is a vampire and also some others but he is very old and he has to wear a funny suit made of gold and other metal so he doesn't fall over and that because he is so old :) then he wants them to catch the purple hat man's club because it is mucking up his monopoly on not dieing. or at least not dieing in a conventional way.

Chapter Two:Is This The End?

So then the c company's fellows are battling against the SKELETONS and it is very bloodthirsty and exciting and the skeletons have many cannons and they put cannon balls in there and also other things!!!!!!!!!
Holy FRICKKEn the skeleton he is a pretty cool skeleton, although you see they are all pretty cool or interesting because they are all memebers of the club association and they get the club but then when they are dead they have to help sometimes when they are skeletons
this skeleton he just put himself in the cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sub Book 1:adventure from the cannon by skeleton of al kebab

Chapter One:The First Chapter

Al Kebab Skeleton Edition Just flew out of the cannon and swings onto the enemy boat which is where two soldiers are preparing to land on purple castle!
Al Kebab gives the a nice hard talking to with his sword and this sword comes from the olive tree and that is why it is pretty good, but the real question that I must answer to myself is that why I draw the symbol? Simply because Al Kebab pulled out the stick from the tree and killed the king of the fiends? I do not know. but perhaps I will find out.

Chapter Two:Answers

I think not, but then that askes the question of what does this sign mean?
Purple Hat Man Embraces the arbitrarityness which then we give meaning to, and that is why he embraces the symbol of the tree. I think that is probably why purple hat man brought back the tree of pointlessness
Identity Crisis Averted!

Chapter Three:Purple Hat Man Has Good Taste In Furnishments

Then the spies come into purple hat man's sewer and then they are coming up but they do not realise how stylish this sewer can be and I tell you it is magnificent
Then you see it is not a sewer any more, it is more like a river. you know maybe in the purple hat man's purple castle you could go in the river all the way to the jungle lounge and such but lets not talk about that now because it isn't very nice
Then they get to the purple hat man's private room for privacy and also electric wizard stuff, and since he has some guests, he provides them with a spot of edutainment...........

spook I am your god, and you're my demons spook

spook spook You won't control how they percieve us spook spook

spook spook spook and down where the bodies meet the sea spook spook spook

spook spook spook spook spook spook spook spook That's where your grave is going to be spook spook spook spook spook spook spook spook