Wisdom Blessing

in the city there is a lot of trees


but the trees are all small. They point them out and go look at all the trees but there is only young trees because when the trees get big and lay deep roots they cut them down and plant new young trees.

Humans in the city are similar in regards to their balls. Certainly there are people with balls in the city, but their balls are cut off before they get too big, and people who live in the city too long are like pets who got neutered.

Now they are fat and lazy and they sit around and fucking purr when you pat them or whatever and they have no fucking balls, because like when the streets start cracking because the trees are growing big and laying down deep roots like they are meant to do they fucking kill them and the same when masculinity might destroy this ill civilisation they cut off everyone's balls that they can get their hands on.

There is nothing wrong with small trees, but they are meant to grow into big trees and now they cannot and it is FUCKED. I am very mad about this but I hope that I can find a way to help the situation. I have heard about things such as "guerilla gardening", and I think that for the most part it sounds like dumb hyped up hippie bullshit, but I think that if there were a way to damage other people's property with plants that would be quite amusing.

I also wish there were a way to grow big trees in secret but that is asking a little much since it takes a long time and all that, and can be eradicated very quickly.

I have a lot of mould in my room right now because it is cold here Glasgow where I live and I don't know how to survive in this kind of house environment but I will be ok my friends, but I must be careful about these vampire mother fuckers coming to take my balls. They did try before but thankfully I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

The similarity between the trees and the balls is that they like to pretend that they like these things, but they only like them when they are "cute". THey like nice little trees and they like young boys who are impressionable, and they put on these fucking stupid absolute garbage super hero movies with action but then when the boys grow into men and they want a part of the action they are like "uhhh what the hell?????" and make a weird voice and face like it's fucked up because they just want them to be cute forever like a cat that still lays about like a kitten when it is 10 years old because it has no balls. However, being "cute" ain't even a part of it, these cunts are totally irrelevant and they need to be ignored studiously.

the end and good night my friends.