Key Society

First Book of the Key Society

This was the dude who found alan parker and stung him up and stole all his shit. hell yeah.

Yeah I can't be bothered to write all this right now, but these books will only cover the sorta main branch of the key society and it will gloss over the period in which the other guys took over for a while.

In October of the year 1020 occurred the genesis of the alains starting with the three Proto-Dogs, one of which was the man Alan Parker. He spent the next few years in constant wild orgy partaking in every kind of pleasure he could lay his hands on, and in the process he aquired much rare knowlege and equipment. For example, he had a golden tube which would apply special fluid into his eye socket which made them extra smooth and quite strange to experience the feeling that this gives you. He also had a glove that had 100 claws but unfortunately nobody knows where this item went I am afraid.

By may of the year 1023 petty piracy within the Bagoon river delta was extremely prevalent, as Alan Parker soon learned first hand.

Alan Parker was sailing his red boat one day while high on crack when he struck upon a red reef and was then shipwrecked. He stayed that way for two days, but luckily he had enough crack to survive for that long. On the morning of the third day a group of fishermen of questionable repute discovered him and killed him and took all of his good shit.

Of the good shit that Alan Parker had with him, what was of immeadiate interest to these "fishermen" was a special key that could unlock any lock. At this moment those lowly fishermen became the Key Society.